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Traditional Moo Duk Kwon Tae Kwon Do

Testing Requirements

Tae Kwon Do is both mental and physical training, students should try their best during class so that it would reflect how well they might test for a higher rank. Students that don't try their best during testing will result in failing their belt testing and will have to retest at a later time. The judge may take into account that a student may be nervous when a student makes a mistake and allow that student to try again to see if that may be the case.


 White Belt Requirements:

Meaning of Chon Ji

How many movements 

What the diagram of the form is 

Tae Kwon Do Meaning

Tenants of Tae Kwon Do

Theory of power

Count from one - ten in Korean

Mother & Fathers Birthday Month And Date only

Physical Requirements:

Chon Ji Hyong

Front Stance

Back Stance

Horse Riding Stance

Front snap Kick

Roundhouse Kick

Side Kick

Crescent Kick Inside & Outside

Down block & High Block

Side Block

Inside & outside Block

Punching Low, Middle &, High section

Learn How to Fall Properly Forward, Backwards &, side to side Sitting at first later standing

One Step Sparring 1 - 5

Breaking 1 Board


Yellow Belt Requirements:

remember everything from White Belt and also

Dan-Gun Meaning

How many movements

How to count up to 20 in Korean

Student Oath

Student Creed

 Added Physical Requirements:

Dan Gun Hyong

Sliding Side Kick

Fling Side Kick

Jumping Front Kick

Front leg Roundhouse Kick

Front Leg Side Kick

Ground Techniques Roundhouse, Side Kick

Reverse Roundhouse Kick

Knife Hand Guarding Block

Double Arm Block

Knife Hand Strike

One Step Sparring 6 - 10

Free Sparring one on one

Break 1 Board


Orange Belt Requirements:

Remember all requirements from White to yellow plus.

Do-San Meaning

Ho Many Movements

How to count up to 30 in Korean

History of Tae Kwon Do

Added Physical Requirements:

Do - San  Hyong

Spear Hand

Reverse Side Kick

Back fist

Reverse Back Fist

Cross over Punch

Ridge Hand

Palm Strike

Front Fake Roundhouse Kick

One Step Sparring 11 - 15

Break 1 Board


Green Belt Requirements:

Won - Hyo meaning

How many Movements  

Korean Flag meaning

Count up to 40 in Korean

Added Physical Requirements:

Won - Hyo Hyong

Side Punch

Reverse Side Kick

Hook Kick

Sliding Hook Kick

Reverse Hook Kick

360 Inside Crescent Kick

Sliding Roundhouse Kick

Circular Block ( Swing Block )

One Step Sparring 16 - 20

Break 1 Board



Green/Blue Requirements:

Yul - Guk meaning

How many movements

Count up to 50 in Korean

Added Physical Requirements:

Yul-Guk Hyong

Jump Reverse Side Kick

Axe Kick

Reverse Crescent 

Arch Strike

Jumping Back Fist

Elbow Smash

Knife Hand Guarding High section

Hooking Block

Hammer Fist

Inner Forearm Block

Double Forearm Block

One Step Sparring 21 - 25

Break 1 - 2 Boards all at once or two different techniques



Blue Belt Requirements:

Jung - Gun Meaning

How Many movements

Added Physical Requirements:

Jung Gun Hyong

Cat Stance

Jump Reverse Roundhouse Kick

Jump Reverse Crescent Kick

Jump Reverse Hook Kick

Twist Kick

Ground Techniques Twist & Double Twist Kick

Reverse Twist Kick

Sliding Reverse Side Kick

Fling Reverse side Kick

Jumping Front Kick Roundhouse Kick

Jumping Front Kick Side Kick

U Shape Block

Scooping Block

Ridge Hand Block High Section

Cross Over Side Punch

Double Upper Cut

Double Pressing Block

One Step Sparring 26 - 30

Free Sparring 1 - 2 Partners

Break 1 - 2 Boards all at once or two Different techniques (Judge's Call )



Blue/Red Requirements:

Toi -Gye Meaning

How Many Movements

Count up to 60 in Korean

Added Physical Requirements:

Toi Gae Hyong

Low High Block ( Both Arms used, One low the other high)

Double Arm Block #2

Mountain Block

Low Spear Hand Attack

X Stance

X Block High and Low section

Down Knife hand Block

Reverse Twist Kick

Jump Reverse Twist Kick

Reverse Front Kick

Fling Reverse Side Kick

Jump Reverse Front Kick

360 Jump Reverse Side Kick

Knee smash #1

Break 1 - 3 Boards all at once or three different techniques ( Judge's Call )



Red Belt Requirements:

Hwa - Rang Meaning

How Many Movements

Count up to 70 in Korean

Added Physical Requirements:

Hwa - Rang Hyong

Palm Block

Hammer Fist

Diving Shoulder Roll

Dive Punch Shoulder Roll

Knife Hand Down Strike

Fake Punch

Jump Reverse Knife Hand Block

Jumping Axe Kick

Jump Reverse Axe Kick

360 Jump Reverse Roundhouse Kick

360 Roundhouse Kick

Reverse Punch

Double Elbow Strike

Break up to 5 Boards



Red/Black Requirements:

Chung - Moo Meaning

How Many Movements

Count up to 100 in Korean

Added Physical Requirements:

Chung - Moo Hyong

360 Axe Kick

360 Jump Reverse Crescent Kick

Introduction to Mid Air Kicks ( Multiple Kicks in the air )

Front Kick Side Kick Reverse Side Kick

Triple Front Kick

Jack Hammer Kick

Inner Knife Hand Strike

Fling Scissors Kick Front Kick Side Kick at the same time one left the other right.

Two Directional Kicks Same leg Different Kicks

Front Kick Side Kick ETC to many to list.

Break up to 5 Boards

Spar Up to 3 Persons at once



Black Recommended Requirements:

Gwang - Gae Meaning

How Many movements

Count up to 1000 in Korean. It's not as hard as it sounds

Added Physical Requirements:

Gwang - Gae Hyong

Added Physical Requirements:

Diamond Pressing Block

Enforced Back Knuckle Punch

Enforced Inside Block

Knife Hand Guarding Block Low section

Jump Reverse Front Kick

Roundhouse Sweep

Reverse Roundhouse Sweep

Jump Back Reverse Side Kick

540 Jumping Roundhouse Kick

540 Jump Reverse Side Kick

Break 1 Concrete Block Hand or Foot



1st Degree Black Requirements:

Po - Eun Meaning

How many Movements

Added Physical Requirements:

Po Eun Hyong

Reverse Ridge Hand Block Low Section

Low High Block #2

540 Jump Reverse Roundhouse Kick

540 Jump Side Kick

540 Jump Reverse Twist Kick

540 Axe Kick

Breaking Techniques and Material Up to the Judges

Spar up to 4 Persons at one time



2nd Degree Black Requirements:

Eligible to Test in 3 Years

Gae - Baek Meaning

Joong - Jang meaning

Added Physical Requirements:

Gae - Baek  Hyong

Joong - Jang Hyong

Drop Evade Round House Kick, Side Kick & Front Kick

Middle Knuckle Punch

9 Shape Block

540 Jump Reverse Crescent Kick

720 Jumping Roundhouse Kick

720 Jump Reverse Side Kick 

720 Jump Reverse Twist Kick

720 Axe Kick


All Students Testing Beyond This Point Must Test Before 5 GrandMasters In Order to receive a higher Rank, that will be taken care of by your Tae Kwon Do Instructor.


3rd Degree Black Assistant Instructor Title Requirements:

 Eligible to Test in 4 Years

Yoo Shin Meaning

How Many Movements

Added Physical Requirements:

Yoo Shin Hyong

720 Jump Reverse Roundhouse Kick

900 Jump Roundhouse Kick

900 Jump Reverse Side Kick

More Mid Air Techniques to Many to list

Double Punching Techniques



4th Degree Black Instructor Title Reqirements:

Eligible to Test in 5 Years

Eui Aim


Added Physical Requirements:

Jump in Reverse Knife Hand Strike

Inner Fare Arm Block Middle section

Twist & side Kick Combination

900 Jump Reverse Roundhouse Kick

900 Axe Kick


5th Degree Black Master Title Requirements:

Eligible to Test in 6 Years

Moon Moo

Yon Gae

Choi Young

Pressing Kicks

Start to Practice Kicks Blind Folded



6th Degree Black Senior Master Title

Eligible to test in 7 years

7th Degree Black Senior Master Title

8th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster

9th Degree Black Belt GrandMaster